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The Author

 Welcome,  I am Alan Scott a.k.a. Alex Morgan. I am an avid reader

and have been writing forever (or so it seems). 

I decided that it is now time to share my work with you. 


I've been reading mysteries since grade school when I had to read every Hardy Boys book there was, and all the Nancy Drew books my sister had.  In junior high, I discovered Agatha Christie and became hooked on whodunits.  I am currently reading through the historical mystery writers like Ellis Peters, Margaret Frazer, Kathy Lynn Emerson and Peter Tremayne.  I also have an incredible fascination with comic books and the super-hero genre. 


With that said, you probably figure by now that I love writing mysteries.  Among my creations is a series of detective stories that feature characters with paranormal powers, such as telepathy and telekinesis to solve mysteries.


Thank you for visiting my site and please come back often

to experience my writings.





Imagine my surprise and excitement when I found out I had the opportunity to go to Paraguay.  I knew very little about the country other than it was somewhere in South America, a continent I had yet to visit. 


A search of the Internet proved to be unenlightening as to what to see and do there.  Very little had been written on touring Paraguay, which appears to be off the beaten path of tourism. 


Since I had business meetings all week, the likelihood of me getting to see much of the country seemed slim.  Fortunately, I had several chances to travel the countryside and see the sights, taking lots of pictures and lots of notes. 


                 Read more on of my travels to Paraguay.




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